For Jason Church to appear on the ballot for the February 18 Special Primary Election for United States Representative for Wisconsin’s 7th District, Wisconsin law requires us to submit at least 2,000 nomination signatures.  The signatures are due on December 2, so Jason needs your help today!

Help make sure that Wisconsin Republicans will be able to vote for Jason by following these steps:

1. Confirm that you are eligible to collect signatures. In order to circulate nomination papers, you must be:

  • a qualified Wisconsin Elector (i.e., you must be eligible to vote, even if you are not yet actually registered to do so); or
  • a United States Citizen, at least 18 years old, who would qualify as a Wisconsin Elector if you were a resident of Wisconsin.

2. Use the official nomination papers that were provided to you by the campaign.

3. As a circulator, you may not sign your nomination papers. You may only collect the signatures of others. To sign a nomination paper for Jason, ask to sign a form circulated by a family member or friend.

4. To get started, ask ten family members, friends and co-workers to sign your nomination papers.

  • Confirm that each signer is eligible to vote in Wisconsin and resides in the 7th Congressional District.
  • Then make sure each voter signs, prints his/her name legibly, lists a residential address (no P.O. boxes), checks town, village or city, and dates the signature.

5. Next, take your petition to a public place. Politely and respectfully ask others to help nominate Jason. Again, please confirm that each person is eligible to vote in Wisconsin. Of course, if the owner or manager of the property asks you to stop circulating, please respect their instructions.

6. Important Note: You must personally witness each signature on your nomination papers. Do not leave your nomination papers unattended in a common area or public space for others to sign, or ask someone else to circulate it for you, not even for a short time.

7. At the bottom of each nomination paper is a “Certification of Circulator.” After you have obtained all the signatures you can, print your name and residential address (no P.O. boxes), and then sign and date the certification. Do not complete this step until you are done collecting signatures.

8. Please do not fill in the “Page No.” box in the bottom right corner of the nomination paper.

9. Return the original version of your signed nomination papers to the campaign at Church for Wisconsin, PO Box 689, Hudson, WI 54016.

Thank you so much for helping place Jason’s name on the Special Primary ballot!

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Alex Melendez at (715) 256-8670 or

Click here to download your nomination packet

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