Jason Church’s Policy Positions

Work With and Support President Trump

I have been with President Trump since the beginning. I will work with him to keep the American economy strong and the homeland safe.

Strengthen Our Military

A priority of the Federal Government is the defense of our nation. The U.S. must maintain the world’s strongest military, and continue to fund, equip, and train the world’s preeminent fighting force. We no longer live in a unipolar world, and aggressiveness from countries such as China and Russia are a threat to the American way of life. We must invest in new technologies and power projection platforms to blunt this new assault.

Cut Taxes and Reduce Spending

Tax relief is necessary for the American economy to grow. More money in people’s pockets (whether at home, or in business) is critical for economic growth. Reforming current spending levels is necessary to ensure the health of our economy in the future.

Stop Illegal Immigration

My fiancé and I experience our immigration system’s flaws on a daily basis. A nation does not exist without borders and enforcing the law is paramount. America needs a wall to prohibit illegal crossings and secure the border. Congress must help President Trump in passing comprehensive immigration reform and remove incentives for illegal immigration. Abolishing sanctuary cities must be a priority as they limit the federal government from enforcing the law and incentivizes more illegal crossings.

Work for Our Farmers

Agriculture is the heart of Wisconsin and our district. I will support relief for farmers, making sure that our agreements open foreign markets to high quality American products.

Get Access to Affordable Healthcare

Patients must become the center of healthcare. Government cannot effectively administer this system. Witnessing firsthand the problems of the VA, I do not want this system extrapolated out on America.  I would fight against the Medicare for All initiatives Democrats are pushing and support the reform of Medicare and Medicaid to remove the waste, fraud, and abuse within the system. We need common sense solutions such as a system that puts patients first, increases competition, allows for consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines, and expands health savings accounts.

Fight for Our Veterans

As a veteran, I have seen firsthand the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform. I will continue to fight for much needed reforms at the VA to ensure veterans get the housing, health care, and mental health support they need. 

Protect Our Right to Bear Arms

The 2nd Amendment was created to fight against a tyrannical government, not just the simple possession of firearms. I would fight against any attempts to limit one’s right to own a gun.

Regulatory Reform

Federal overreach prohibits businesses and individuals from reinvesting their capital back into their respective priorities. Instead of using capital for growth, the federal government’s flagrant overreach in areas such as the environment and the workplace, increase compliance costs. This only benefits the lawyers, at the expense of American growth.

Defend the Unborn

I am pro-life and oppose taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood. Democrat’s current platform of cruelty is a slippery slope that continues to lessen the sanctity of life and must be adamantly opposed.

Finish Fair Trade Agreements

Trade is essential for American businesses, farmers, and consumers. Congress must pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. We must also support negotiations with other nations, offering a counterweight to the debt-trap diplomacy of China.

Implement Congressional Term Limits

Term limits force Congress to make hard decisions without calculating the long-term political repercussions to a representative or senator’s career.

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